A Rainbow of Friends! + Freebie!

Let's face it - kid's like anything that includes food. They just do. And who could blame them?? I came up with this idea late one night before school the next day and was SO excited to do it with the kids. It was a great way to celebrate our brand new friends and create something they could bring home and share the experience with their families.

We started by reading the story "A Rainbow of Friends" by P.K. Hallinan and discussing the importance of friendship!

I started our follow-up activity by giving each friend 4 marshmallows, 4 little sticks (wooden skewers chopped in half), and a plate of Fruit Loops!

Before adding each color of fruit loop, we discussed what each color represents in our classroom!
Red = Love
Orange = Honesty
Yellow = Happiness
Green = Sharing
Blue = Hard Work
Purple = Imagination
Marshmallows = Kindness

Here's how they looked when they were finished! Aren't they cute?!

I printed a fun description on full sheet labels. I had two labels per page. I stuck them on the front of their bags and they were able to take their rainbows home with them!

You can grab these labels for FREE by clicking the link below!!

This made a fantastic bonding activity!! What fun things do you do with your little ones to unite them?

Hope you're having a great week and HAPPY FRIDAY! Hugs to you!


  1. This is so stickin' cute! THANKS BUNCHES for sharing! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog

    1. I'm so happy you can use it, thanks girl!!

  2. Such a fun activity. I am doing a name unit this week and I am going to do this on Friday as a culminating activity for names and friendship. It seems like a lot of books about names also focus on friendship so I like to incorporate the two.

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